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Phoenix reborn


OK, so "phoenix" might be a bit of drama, it's just a website for Pete's sake. But still, it's reborn, reincarnated, re-whatever.

Back in the saddle. It feels good. Welcome.


The Ducati shop just called my boss, it was his spark plugs. Apparently he's been riding too slow so they just fell asleep. :-) Anyway, I took the Bike to work today. It took me about fifteen minutes (it's a three minute walk) since I took the scenic route but it was worth it, both for the drive and the oohs and aahs from my co-workers. Especially the girls seem to like the shape of the thing. No, the Bike, you perverts! ;-)


This morning I went into town to fetch my boss, he's got a brand new yellow Ducati 750SS but no driver's license for it yet so I have to ride with him whereever he goes. The plan was to get his bike back out here to the north of town so we can get an early start Friday afternoon on a trip up country we have planned for the weekend. Yeah right. Not only does it pour down in buckets, when I valiantly defy the rage of the weather gods, getting dirty rain water all over my beautiful bike and get to him, his bike won't start, no ignition spark.



I got it. In the late afternoon of Tuesday 970624, I fetched the Bike. It's an out-of-the-box new 1996 with ABS. I got the choice of a 97 without the ABS or a 96 with them for the same price (around $14000 USD with the Swedish 25% sales tax. Yeah, I know: It's a lot of money, but first we have higher salaries in general than most other countries and second this bike is worth it. :-)


New Dash

Around 18:00 hours CET on Wednesday 19970618, I signed an order for a new black Kawasaki GPZ 1100 ABS and deposited almost a third of the total price with the dealer, Crossroad in Segeltorp just south of Stockholm. The bike has arrived to them and should be serviced and ready by tuesday afternoon. So if there are no more updates to the page, I've got the bike. :-)

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