This morning I went into town to fetch my boss, he's got a brand new yellow Ducati 750SS but no driver's license for it yet so I have to ride with him whereever he goes. The plan was to get his bike back out here to the north of town so we can get an early start Friday afternoon on a trip up country we have planned for the weekend. Yeah right. Not only does it pour down in buckets, when I valiantly defy the rage of the weather gods, getting dirty rain water all over my beautiful bike and get to him, his bike won't start, no ignition spark. They'll send a van over and pick it up tomorrow morning. Serves him right for buying Italian. :-)

The only problem I have now is that the Kawasaki shops are booked solid and I may not get an appointment for the 1000km service until the end of July. I've done 250km in these few days while I was working, I have that ~600km trip planned for the weekend and my holiday begins next week. We'll see if I can get it done somewhere... (A mile is around 1,6km, you do the math)

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