Just picked up my French imported GPZ 1100, No history with it apart from mots and it rides a peach, the only slight drawback is that its quite lumpy below 2500rpm. Does anybody know if this is normal on a kwak ? (MY FIRST ONE) The bike appears to be standard apart from some very nice motad exhausts.

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Lumpy Running Under 2500 Revs

Hi bazgurner,
Hard to say what the problem might be without actually experiencing how it runs, but personally I'd probably remove the carbs give them a good clean out paying particular attention to the pilot jets, put it back together and then balance the carbs.

red one

Hi red one,
Never fancied red, Carbs sound like a good start tho... will be doing some essential maintenance over the closed season (as well as riding), want some heated grips for crimbo. This forum is so sleepy but im going to stick by it as its dedicated to one model. Hopefully all those closet owners will enrole, bump up the numbers and offer some interesting hints and tips.
So much usable power!!!!!!

blue one

I had that one on watch on e-bay but went with a red one on a buy it now...
I would suggest that balancing the carbs would be a good place to start...
Quiet on here innit...