Nice to meet other GPZ-fans

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Peter from The Netherlands, and I own a 1997 GPZ in candy red. (There are some pictures I've uploaded) Unfortunately, a GPZ is a very rare motorcycle here. They never really sold well I think, I have read some critics in the Dutch press about it and they were quite sceptical these days: "A normal tube frame (not aluminium box-type monocoque or the like), huge weight and almost non-adjustable suspension"... And really, I have never felt better on a motorcycle that suits my needs better than this one.

Brief history:
1999 - Motorcycle driver's licence
1999: first bike: Honda CB450s (three valves/cylinder!). Slender and high, powerful enough for a starter.
2004: 2nd bike: Suzuki GS500F (Full fairing - also quite rare here). Nice, more modern thingy. Drove it through the winter (even on ice, which is scary.)
2007: GPZ1100. And still going...
Also: 1969 Honda CD50 and PF50 Novio mopeds.

After a few years of 100 mile/day commuting I use the GPZ now for touring in the weekends and warm summer evenings, so it is spending some time under a blanket now. Can't wait for the snow to melt...

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Gee Pee Zeds...

G'day Peter!
Don't worry about not having the latest gear... if you wanted that you would have bought it eh??? I just last month picked mine up from Melbourne, Australia. I live near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Finished work early, flew down to Melbourne, (Boeing) and liked the bike. By Sunday I was back home with my new love interest after covering 1842 km! There is no better bike I can think of in that era to do this on!!! What a great weekend. Stick with it mate, when the snow melts, it's grinning ear to ear again. I am on if you want to yarn on OK?