Can't start my 1100

Hi all,

Just thought i'd start by introducing myself. I'm Andy and i'm from Manchester, UK.

I've recently purchased a low mileage 10k bike that was lightly crashed (damaged front fairing) and then stood for 9 years in a friends workshop.

We are currently trying to ressurect it as it is such a nice clean low mileage example, but just can't get it to run.

We have cleaned out all the 9 year old (green) petrol, had the carbs off and thoroughly cleaned all the jets, floats, diaphragms etc, but it just wont start.. we can get it to fire with carb cleaner sprayed in the trumpets, but just wont run.

We have opened the float bowl drains and it drains off new clean fuel, so it is getting there from the tank, there is a good spark, so really all is there that needs to be. There was a lot of gunk and slimy old petrol in the carbs, which we have cleaned taking care not to damage any needles, jets or diaphragms.

Any ideas guys, much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi ANDY and welcome to the dead zone...quietest forum that I know.
So far it sounds like you've still got carb problems...the idle jets on these are notoriously easily blocked.
The best way to ckeck this is to crank the motor over a few times then take a plug out...if it's wet,the carbs are probably o.k. If dry then they'll need doing again.
Drain the float bowls and blow a quick blast of air into each drain...stick it on prime for a min then try again.Also check that the choke is functioning properly...
Seems to be a common story, mine was lightly crashed then laid up for 7 years before I got it. There must be a lot of ex-owners out there that have been scared off by the 11. Experienced riders only for these machines...
Which end of Manchester are you from ?