hi there, i've just put a motad stainless system with twin nexus endcans on my 96" 1100. does anyone know if i should maybe get a k and n for it or anything else i should do.
cheers WORZEL.

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Hi, I also have a motad with

Hi, I also have a motad with twin nexxus system fitted. This exhaust system is built to be run on the standard air filter with no adjustment. Hope this helps, Nick.

Nexxus exhaust

Could you post a video or sound clip and some pics of your bike with the nexxus exhaust on it? I am interested in replacing my exhaust with a 4-2 setup (don't want to lose the dual exhaust look) and this seems to be the only option out there and i'm dying to see it before I order one from another continent.

Full Stainless Exhaust Systems

Somebody in the UK is doing full stainless systems in both single and twin silencer configuration .. find them at http://www.sandybikespares.co.uk Don't know anybody that has fitted one though.