former and future GPz 1100 owner

Howdy. This is my first post here.
I have had about 15 motorcycles. One of my favorites was my 1996 black (of course) GPz, which I bought new and rode for 9 years.
I plan on re-acquiring another one hopefully this year. I had a black tinted windscreen, a tank bra and mirror extenders (so I could see past my elbows). Do you guys know if these after-market items are still available? I also had a Throttle miester, but I know that is still available.
btw, my GPz was the first Kawasaki that Del Fischer of Throttlemeister made a Throttlemeister for. So, that's my former bike's claim to fame.

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Of course, this post has

Of course, this post has nothing to do with travels. The forum tools wouldn't allow me to post it uunder "other". No idea why.