gpz1100 workshop manual 1995 - 1998

Hi, Does anyone have an original workshop manual or a copy on cd of the 1995 gpz 1100 e1 - e3 model? Thanks, Nick.

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Yes I've got an original

Yes I've got an original manual, mail me at

Hi, Thanks, but i've managed

Hi, Thanks, but i've managed to pick one up. Cheers anyway! Nickodemon.

Please help

Hi, I`m also searching for the manual. Where did you manage to find yours? If at a bookstore or shop please help me with the contact details.
I`m living in South Africa and nobody here is able to help.
Thanks a million!

found on ebay

Hi Mat,

I found a service manual on ebay and it's just like they said - the actual service manual for the job. I'm sure a search there would bring up the document you want.