I've lost my only set of keys to my '95 Geeper. Looks like changing ignition is big work

Can anyone help me with specifics on the best way to get to the locked seat lock to remove it? I have a replacement on its way from Ron Ayers. I will still need to do the ignition r/r since it is already a replacement unit and thus there's no way I could expect to get a replacement key from some code stamped on the bike somewhere... Any/all advice is appreciated. I haven't been able to ride in over a week now and it is driving me nuts!

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keys lost

hell i broke half my key inthe lock, so now i just use a blank key , broke halfof it and stick it in the lock. works great, now if you dont have this option you will have to break the lock type bolts holding the tumbler assy, you can get a key and assy thru ebay, but they are not always available, so just bid your time and one will show up on there soon enough.

Seat lock removal

There's a write-up in the FAQ but I just realized it's buried in the "I can't find the key code filed anywhere. How do I get the code from the lock cylinder?" answer.