Just joined. Bought a 1996 GPZ 1100 about a month ago. Has 35K miles. Is this a lot of miles for this bike. The bike has been well maintained and the previous owner swore by Royal Purple oil . The bike runs good,but a full MuZZy exhaust was installed. The carbs have not been jetted, so I've got to get that done. I just wondered how many miles this engine is good for. Thanks.

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Don't think I'd be too

Don't think I'd be too worried about 35k miles if it's been well looked after and not thrashed. The motor was built to take the power of the then mighty ZZR 1100 and is little changed in any significant way thats going to make it weaker for the GPZ. The GPZ has a fair bit less power than the ZZR, so should be good for many miles. Have heard a few stories of premature big end failure on ZZR's, but likely down to lettiing the oil level get low rather than any inherent fault ... wheelies and low oil are a real bad combination! Don't worry about the motor, go ride your bike and enjoy :0)