Looking for Givi racks


I recently bought a '95 1100 GPZ and I am looking for Givi racks that will enable me carrying all my stuff.
I have contacted the sales representative in France and they told me that Givi doesn't manufacture such racks anymore.
I have made several searches on the web but I didn't found anybody selling used ones.

So feel free to contact me if you are selling yours! :-)


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Hi, hopefully I have found a


hopefully I have found a complete set of original racks for the gpz last week!

The seller was in switzerland so it was a long trip from home to get there but now my gpz is complete and I am able to travel!

It is not a Givi Wingrack but an orginal set of racks: I have mounted all parts on the bike but I think that the mounting of the top case racks doesn't seem to be really strong: the lower black tubes are mounted in place of the blinkers, which are mounted on the back plastic mudguard: do any of you have experienced any problems with these original racks?



Hi Louis, I have original

Hi Louis,
I have original racks but got nothing to mount the indicators on with them, I just made a couple of alloy brackets, and used the number plate light screws to fit mini indicators. Been on for 4 years now with no problems. I believe the original kit indicator mount is a steel bracket which fits on the rear mudguard behind the number plate and moves the indicators from the original position.

I can supply photos of my installation if you want. What problems are you having?

I don't visit this site very often, feel free to email me directly at stuff(at)lanzarote-villa.net replace (at) with @

Hi Rumbly, I juste have

Hi Rumbly,

I juste have mounted the original Givi racks that I've bought as used from a seller. I didn't had time to take the bike the 2 previous weeks, but I actually noticed that the original Givi racks are exactly the same than the "5 stars" racks that is shown somewhere on this website.
The owner of this bike says that these racks can only contain for about 5kg load, whereas you can load up Givi Wingrack for 10kg.
I usually ride with a lot of stuff and I'm afraid that I actually need lot more than 5kgs per case. The problem is that the original racks are bolt into the indicators holes on the mudguard: that doens't seem to be very strong. On another hand the Wingrack doesn't has such mounting on the indicator holes, and there is also a pice a metal bolt onto the passenger footpeg.

So I'm still looking for a wingrack! I've actually done a lot a seartch on the web but with very few results :-(

Givi racks...

Mate! If you want photo's, I'm at acid_budgie(At)hotmail.com Mounting is easy and safe, no mudguard BS here. Look forward to hearing from you.