My name is Ed, and I ride a GPZ!

Hello everyone. Nice to find this spot. I have a '96 GPZ, black, with several comfort and /or convenience mods. 1st, Stainless brake lines, Homemade bar risers, Scott Oiler, (best addition to any bike with a chain.). Corbin seat, Throttle meister bar end cruise control, (Wonderful for cross country trips.). I also have the original equipment touring bags that match the bike. Gives a great look with all the recent interest in Sport Touring. I'm looking for a mounting kit to mount a top box with a back rest. Does anyone have any helpful ideas? I ride mostly on weekends with friends around the Northern California area. The bike has 32,000 miles without a problem except for normal maintenance. Tires are Metzler Z-6's. Good wear but not over 6,000 miles. (How can anyone go over 10,000 miles on a bike tire without it squaring off?). Front tire will go for 9,000 to 10,000 but not the back. At least not on my bike. I used to have a track bike in the form of a 1999 ZX-6R. I did 6 to 8 track days a year at Laguna Seca, (Mazda Raceway, for the newbies), Sears Point, (Infineon Raceway), and Thunder Hill Raceway.

I'm happy to find this site. I am nearing my 74th birthday in May and I haven't had a brand site except for the main Kawasaki site. I hope to here from anone in Northern California or Northern Arizona, (we are moving to Sedona, AZ in May for awhile.). I like sport touring and taking weekend trips to see what is on the other side of the mountain. Anyone else like to do the same?

I'll be here. Ed

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