Pulling hard to the right.

Let me just say, I don't go hard.
To my riding buddies, I'm known as RMD
(Ridin' Miss Daisy)
SDR (Stop Drop & Roll)...
SDR has become an "all too often ocurrence" for this HEAVY BIKE with 20m turning circle.

Anyway back to the real story..
Out on the road. I first noticed I had a sore right wrist after a 1 hour + ride. Then I found "Bluey" was oversteering (or diving) into right hand bends and understeering (or sitting high) on left handers. I just couldn't get a nice line through a right hander. After 8500 Km (5200miles) I'd flogged the right side of my dual coumpound rear tyre (will post a pic)
A mate who loves his K model BMW, mumbled something about tyre pressures... ( thanks Uncle Ernie.)

I decided to check tyres, and both front and rear only had 10psi!! put 35psi in each, and bluey is a much nicer ride.
It cost me a rear tyre though..
We live, ride, and learn eh?
Bagmanoz SDR

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Pulling Hard To The Right

Dude .. are you crazy! .. is this for real??

IMO you really want to be checking tyre pressures weekly at least. The recommended tyre pressures for the GPZ 1100 are 36psi front 41psi rear ... you are running 35psi both ends. I run mine (Metzler Z6) at 38psi front 43psi rear. I can tell if the front pressure drops to 35psi as the steering then starts to get heavy!

Please please do yourself a favour and indulge in some regular basic maintenance ..... tyres, chain. brakes, lights ... it might just save your ... or someone elses life.

G'day Rumbly Thanks for the

G'day Rumbly
Thanks for the extra info Mate. I've always been picky about lights, good oil and brakes.. etc..
I myself, couldn't believe I'd let the tyre pressures slip like that.. and if what I've spouted here gets someone else on the ball too.. It's a Happy ending.

While East coast Australia's had all this rain, I've had the chance to look over Bluey with a fine tooth comb.
The tyres that I treated so badly were Michelin Pilot Road 2 's, ( a new set next week), and I'm waiting on new sprockets and chain. (even Silkolene isn't helping now. )
If they're here by next Monday, it'll all get done at once.

BTW I ran your "recommended pressures" and Bluey just rocked! Even on the old mistreated rubber. Thanks again.
Geoff "SDR"