Specifications - Model History

Country Year Colours Models
Sweden 1995 Red ZX1100-E
1996 Black ZX1100-E
Black ZX1100-F
1997 Black ZX1100-E
Netherlands 1996 Red ZX1100-E
Blue ZX1100-E
Black ZX1100-F
Japan 1997 Red ZX1100-E
Black ZX1100-E
Black ZX1100-F
1999 Gray ZX1100-E

If you have information about additional models and colours, please mail me.

Note: ZX1100-E is the regular model while ZX1100-F is equipped with an anti-locking brake system, ABS. The ABS model weighs in at an additional 10 kg (20 lbs) and the system takes up more room under the saddle which dispenses with most of the storage compartment. Also, the Corbin replacement saddle can not be fitted on the ABS model.