Volumes and viscosities

Tire size Front 120/70-ZR17
Rear 170/60-ZR17
Tire air pressure Front 250 kPa (2,5kg/cm2, 36 psi)
Rear 290 kPa (2,9kg/cm2, 41 psi)
Engine Oil Grade SE, SF or SG class
Viscosity SAE 10W40, 10W50, 20W40 or 20W50
Capacity 3,2 L (3,5 L when filter removed)
Oil Filter Napa Gold 4941 (came with both o-rings)
Wix 24941
Fram CH6012
K&N KN-401
Purolator ML-16812
Spark Plugs Standard NGK CR9EK or ND U27ETR
Hotter NGK CR8EK or ND U24ETR
Plug gap 0,7 - 0,8 mm
Coolant Capacity 2,6 L
Chain Type 112 links (OEM chain is an endless EK50UV-X)