The King is dead. Long live the King.

Although it seems like there is only 3 active members on this forum, I felt that I needed to give an official farewell. I was involved in a low (sub-35) mph accident that left my gpz a tad crippled and bashed up.

It would be fairly repairable, but as we all know replacement bits are not cheap nor easy to come by. The repair costs for parts alone would be more than the blue book value for the bike in MINT condition, so I left it in the hands of my insurance provider to decide. If the don't total the bike as a loss, i'll be shocked (but happy).

I love my red 95 gpz soooo much, and would argue that it is one of the more perfect multi purpose road bikes ever made, but will not be buying another one.

The rarity of it makes it a less than desirable ownership experience for me. If forums like this were a bit more active, and we owners did not seem so... Alone..., i would consider another one. But between this and the nearly complete lack of aftermarket support for the bike are forcing me to go elsewhere.

For the few of you that I have crossed paths with, cheers, good luck and i'll miss you. For the silent members out there - SPEAK UP AND PARTICIPATE. YOU'RE RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US.


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Still check in occasionally OK mate?

Sorry about your accident :0(

Sorry about your accident :0( and that you're laeving. Oh well only 2 active members now.

Hey if it's just the plastics that are a bit beat up ... buy it back from the insurance, throw the unnessesary plastic bits away ... lower fairings etc. .. and fix the nessesary plastics with plastex. Might be a bit rough but could work out real cheap :0)

I used to run a lot of insurance rightoffs, just threw away the expensive but unnesesary bent/broken shiny bits, replaced the really required bits with whatever could be made to fit that was cheap. Never really cared much what they looked like so long as they drove good.

Anyway, whatever you get next .. hope you have fun with it :O) Take care now y'hear.