New member from Denmark

Hi GPZ-people

I'm from Denmark, and have just bought a GPZ 1100 1996 this week from Italy. I haven’t biking the last 20 years, so I’m looking forward for summertime. The only problem just now, is to finding a service manual and a owner manual. I tried to by it on (Owner’s Manual Item number 99920-1776-01 and Service Manual ZX1100E item number 99924-1182-01) but I got a messages and a warning against the site in my browser, and didn’t dare to overrule it. So is there any buddy ho have even a photocopy ore a PFD of this to documents here in the forum?
Sorry my bad English.


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G'Day mate!
Check this out: Should solve your problem!


Got a pdf service manual but it's in German...if you want a copy i'll upload it to rapidshare and pm you the link...let me know.

Re: Manual

Hi Rasputin

Thanks – that it is great. My mother is from Germany, and I do understand a little bit German. I have never used rapidshare – but I learn something new every day ;-) ;-) you can furthermore try to mail it to: folke(a) I don’t think I have a mb limit on that account.

e-mail requested I've attatched the manual to an e-mail for you.
Size is only 10.8 mb...
Let me know if it arrives o.k.

pdf & email

Hello Rasputin,

Are you prepared to send me a pdf copy as well? I can't find anything apart from some drawings on the ZZR1100 engine - which is apparently quite similar to "our" engines. I am particularly interested in drawings and instructions about the front brake system and its parts.

You may send it to maximus.conjugatius [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks in advance.



Job done Pete...e-mail sent with Pdf attatched.

What's your braking problem ?
I'm an ex kawasaki mechanic with a background in engineering design so I can probably talk you through it....