Hello, and where are all the gypzies?

I just wanted to ask the question that while this is great site- Why doesn't anybody use it. Kawasaki sold how many GPZ1100s? There are twenty something users registered on this site and nobody has been heard from in two months?. I the other hand I have a 95 GPZ1100 and of all the bikes I have owned I have to say this bike is the one. Great manors, performance, comfortable and not to bad on the eyes. Looking forward to seeing this site come back to life.
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Still breathing.

Hey! I just signed up today! I hope people are still using this, though your post sounds like it may not be the case.

I am a new member to the site, but have had my 1995 gpz1100 for 18 months. It's the best bike that nobody knows about in the world.

Welcome Nkuhn550

Yeah it looks like you me and Vance in the last couple of weeks. 3 new users and we have the whole site!!. I too have a 1995 GPZ1100 and it really is the best kept secret in bikes. I can't believe how cheap used ones are going for. I bought mine earlier this summer after a couple of years on a 82 KZ1000 CSR. What a difference 12 years and 100cc makes. I am happy the way the bike is now but wouldn't mind a more comfortable seat. I even got a parts bike with mine w/o an motor so if something does go I have spares but everything is there and If I ran a across a decent motor and trans, I would not hesitate to get the parts bike up and running.

Be talking with you latter.

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I tried to post under "other" but would not let me. That is why it is here.

Because why??

Because why?? acid_budgie@hotmail.com