I'm on my 2nd GPZ1100 after 10 years without one

Hi I'm Dave from Sydney Australia. I owned the very first GPZ1100 in Australia, had it for a few years then sold it. 10 years later I've just bought another one (94-E) with 82,000 km on the clock and it feels even better than the first one. I'm hoping to share experiences and locate replacement parts as my GPZ inevitibly wears them out. I'll take some pics when the weather cools down, right now it's 40.1 degC (or 104 deg F for those countries still using Ye Olde English measurements).

This is still such a good bike, it does everything you ask of it.

Planned mods include a 4 into 2 exhaust either custom or perhaps Motad (Nexxus) brand. A new screen with a lip and handlebar risers. I'm toying with the idea of painting it Kawasaki green or orange to give it an updated look, or satin black with some small red anodised bits to make it look custom.

I think my rear shock could do with a refresh and I'll weigh up the difference between a performance rebuild with modern internals or just buying a new aftermarket unit. Has anyone fitted a Fournales unit to a GPZ1100?

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Shock rebuild

OK, the tired old shock needed a rebuild so I took it to my guy who opened it up and machined a new damper valve. I replaced the 'too soft' 500lb spring with a 575lb Eibach spring to match the 235lb rider weight. I also fitted a pair of 1kg/mm fork springs to match with 15wt synthetic fork oil. The result has been a revelation. The GPZ1100 handles and steers beautifully now. Well worth the $640.

I also picked up a good genuine screen of eBay for 70 bucks, that improved the looks.

Next fix is the exhaust. I've got a deal on the Nexxus twin muffler system. Has anybody got a report on one of these?

Nexxus Twin Muffler System

Hey Hangdog -

I have been scouring the earth for a replacement dual exhaust for my GPZ. I want some more sound, but am not interested in a single sided 4-1 setup on this bike. I love the look on bikes that were designed to have just one, but the swingarm/chainguard/etc was meant to be covered up on this bike, and it makes it look unfinished IMO.

You mentioned a deal on the Nexxus system. Is it a one-off deal or did you find a place to get you a great deal? I'm interested, and if you get it, post some video of it before/after. I'm dying to hear one of these. Good luck!