Running Rich

Anybody got any ideas why my GPZ runs like it's got the choke on all the time?????, even when starting from cold it rund rich as f!!!!!!!

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overthinking it...

Old kawasaki injection from the early 80's wasn't complicated enough to be running O2 sensors and I don't think that most modern dealers would be able to plug in a tester either...
99% certainty that if the air filter is clean then it's going to be a faulty temp sensor on the back of the block or a mis-aligned throttle position sensor.


oops I missed injection in subject line..
$$$ kwaka shop could plug it in and tell you...

Temp sensor ok?
Brain will keep "choke" on till sensor reports "running temp"

O2 sensor ok?
If O2 reports "lots" brain will try to keep the fuel mix up to reported O2 level..

Good luck.

Running Rich

As bagmanoz said, dirty air cleaner - or crap in the carbs is most likely cause. If there is crap in the carbs preventing the float needles from sealing ... where did it come from? If it's rust chances are the inside of the fuel tank is rusty and cleaning the carbs will only be a temporary solution ... I found this out the hard way :o( ... but found a new old stock tank on ebay in the correct colour for a reasonable price :0)

running rich?

Cheapest first...
choke stuck on?
Crap in air cleaners (replace or at least Clean 'em)
check for dirty needle n seats in all your carbs. dirty fuel can stick a carb open and flood inlet manifold.

just my understanding. hope it's helpful.