Winter Project

I am putting my GPZ up for the winter in a couple of weeks because its getting too effing cold to ride comfortably. I will be winterizing the bike but while its down and there is time I would like to know if there is anything these bikes need particular attention paid to and what are some necessary upgrades or repairs that need to be done to ensure a trouble free riding experience?
Are there really any weaknesses to these bikes that need to be addressed?

Things to look out for:
* The petcock is a constant problem, leaks a lot, needs regular replacement.
* Steering head bearings. Very dry from the factory, I had to replace mine at 16K. Still on the replacements.
* Very slight oil leak at the mainshaft/engine. Not really a problem.
* Rear brake linkage seems to pick up road spray/crap. Needs regular WD-40 treatment or the rear brake lever can stick.

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Winter Project

I had petcock issues almost immediately after buying mine. I looked into various solutions (new OEM petcock, vacuum rebuild kit, etc. My biggest concern was that it would happen again with the rebuilt or replacement, since it's more of a design flaw with the stock unit.

I ended up replacing it with a Pingel Powerflow manual unit. I did have to drill out the opening in the fuel tank a tad with a file to fit the new stem in, but it only took a few minutes, and 18 months later, problem 100% solved for under a hundred bucks.

That's my $.02 anyways