What do I need to do to remove the air filter box and use individual pod filters instead?

You will have to remove your air box, install a K &N crankcase breather filter on top of the transmission, plug the reed valves on top of the
valvecovers and go up to the #38s on the pilot jets, and maybe one size on the main jet.

-Mike in Colorado

The K&N number is RC0984 for a set of 4 individual filters.

I'd like to remove all the emissions crap from my California-spec GPZ. What to do, apart from ripping out all non-essential looking hoses?

There's a charcoal canister, separator and vacuum valve that all need to be removed along with all the hoses. The reed valves in the valve cover need to be blocked off. There are several ways to do it. Buy some trick block off plates from Muzzy, pull the hoses off and plug the two holes or the simplest method, just connect the two hoses together. The carb rack has 4 vacuum taps, one at each carb. After removing all the emission crap, the only connection here is for the petcock. Make sure the other three taps are capped off.

Why do I need an in-line fuel filter and how do I install one?

With no filter, there is a chance that you may end up with a bent rod or crankshaft - here's how: If a seal petcock fails, gas can flow into the carbs even when the engine is off. If there's even a tiny speck of dirt in one of the carb cut-off valves, gas can flow into the intake. If the intake valve for that cylinder happens to be in the exact wrong place, gas will continue to flow into the cylinder, creating what's knows as hydro-lock, keeping the engine from turning. When you come along and try to start it, you may bend a rod or even the crank.

OK, Bob, all of this is great information, but I need to remove my ignition cylinder for whatever reason (replace damaged cylinder, etc). How do I do this?

This operation is a little more difficult, but not impossible. Besides basic hand tools, you'll need a 12mm hex key, a small Torx-head driver, and a drill. Follow these steps:

1. Remove the handlebar bolts. Remove the handlebars from the top triple clamp, and lay them against a rag to protect the tank and fairing. You don't need to remove the switchgear, cables, or anything else on the bars themselves.

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